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Maxi CD CONCEPTION - Re: Conception
Maxi CD CONCEPTION - Re: Conception

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  Delivery and shipping charges

GENERAL TERMS FOR ORDERS - specific postage costs will be stated when you place your order for every country:

Postage rates for orders in Europe in general: Up to 2 kg 17 EURO (not registered!) for air mail, over 2 kg ask. Payment is possible in EURO, US$ (1US$ = 0,65 EURO) cash or cashier cheques (in EURO only!) or postal money order, IMO, etc. Higher weights calculated roughly - for exact rates use our website or just ask: Up to 3 kg 25 EURO, up to 4 kg 26,50 EURO, up to 5 kg 28,00 EURO, up to 6 kg 29,50 EURO, each additional kg costs 2,00 EURO more, all rates air mail.

Rates for Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Austria: Up to 4 kg you always only have to pay 11 EURO (this is air mail), each additional kg costs 0.50 to 1,00 EURO more.

Please do not send postal orders without any comments! Then we cannot ship your order (remember that we receive lots of orders every day) - always state clearly what you ordered! We cannot accept your currency (except currencies below) or cheques in your currency. We also do not accept any foreign cheques (e.g. cheques which are not drawn on a German bank, except Eurocheques)! We accept Swiss Francs (exchange rate: 1 SFr = 0.50 EURO), British Pound (1 GBP = 1,20 EURO), US $ (1 $ = 0,65 EURO), in cash only (no coins) and only (!) for these exchange rates. We also accept IRC`s (International Reply Coupons), for each one we credit 0.50 EURO - not more, because this is what we get from the post office. We cannot accept South American, Australian etc. currency, because the courses are not strong enough, so don`t ask for this! We also accept creditcards - EUROCARD, VISA & DINERS, AMERICAN EXPRESS - extracosts are 3 EURO for this; American Exp. 5 EURO. You can also pay via Paypal - extracosts are + 5% fee extra for this payment method. Please note that every order will be shipped immediately after receiving your payment. We always mail your stuff by the way you paid for. If you require a special form (e.g. registered), you`ll have to add the additional costs to the total amount of payment. In case of not receiving the complete total amount before shipping your order, we`ll have to cross items from it. Please note that there`s no way doing C.O.D. to foreign countries! If you think you might have some problems with your customs office to import the stuff from us, clear these things before because we can`t help you from here. Customers from East Europe, Italy etc. please notice that it`s up to you to decide the way of shipping (as there always seem to get a lot of packages lost or stolen and we can`t take any responsibilities for that!) - maybe you should always add 3 EURO for a registration. Customers from Belgium and Netherlands: Please be extremly careful with sending cash as there have been stolen a lot of letters in the past - even when they were registrated. Better: Send cashiercheques or postal orders. If there are any additional questions, don`t hesitate to ask but please enclose answering postage (3 IRCs for every letter). Additional possibility is to send orders via HERMES. We definitely do not reserve any items unless we receive a part - payment for the item - sorry but too many bad experiences.

Outside Europe (USA, Japan, Brasil, Australia etc.): If you require sea mail (takes about 2 months), postage is 13 EURO up to 2 kg (definitely not recommended). Air Mail: 21 EURO up to 1 kg, 30 EURO up to 2 kg. Larger/heavier orders - Please ask! In case of interest we can send you detailed informations and exact rates for every country (please send 3 IRCs for this service). Please notice that we usually send all orders to Australia, USA and Japan via air mail as surface seems to be too risky and much too slow - who wants to wait months for cool Hellion stuff? Don`t forget this when calculating the postage costs! Overcharges will be credited.

Damage in transit

If upon receipt of delivery, the customer detects damage to the packaging, it shall ask the forwarder to confirm the damage in writing upon acceptance of delivery or immediately notify us in writing of conditional acceptance of the delivery on account of the damage to the packaging. We must be notified immediately in writing of any damage in transit which is detected only after the goods have been unpacked. Complaints shall not be accepted if it is not possible for the seller to examine the goods concerned or the customer has failed to lodge a written complaint within the requisite period.

For all foreign customers: If you play in a band and have released a self produced / rare own pressing (LP/CD/EP, no tapes please), don`t hesitate to offer us this stuff, we are always interested, same to bands from your area! Trades are also possible - for great stuff we can offer you very good promotion activities.

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01.2-CD DETEST - Thundersteel: Demo anthology
02.Patch MORBID ANGEL - Altars of madness
04.2-DVD KEEP IT TRUE - KIT Pt. XV (KIT 2012)
05.2-DVD VA - Headbangers Open Air 2011
06.Ticket HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR XXII - 2019 - Payment by creditcard or Paypal 5% fee extra!
07.2-CD SIREN - Up from the depths
08.2-DVD KEEP IT TRUE - Keep it true XVIII - 2015
10.CD BLAZON STONE - Return to Port Royal

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